How To Tell If You Have NetSuite Advanced Site Customization

To take advantage of MVL's vast NetSuite web site customization experience for a NetSuite internal web site you ned to have Advanced Site Customization (ASC). Not all versions of NetSuite have ASC. Over the years NetSuite has changed which versions of NetSuite contain ASC (and even the name of that feature set) so this document provides you with an easy way of determining if you have ASC.

Advanced Site Customization provides the ability to have custom themes, which comprise of custom code for the body elements, (header, left side, content and footer) plus templates and layouts for all content areas and elements.

One method is to go to the URL:

This URL goes directly to Set Up > Web Site Themes page. If you see that page then you have ASC. If you get an error message then you either don't have ASC or need to turn it on. Contact your NetSuite provider to see what you need to do to get ASC.

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Another way to tell

Another way to tell if you have NetSuite ASC active is to look at the menu for Setup >> Web Site. If you see Themes and Item/Category Templates then you have ASC. (see image below) If those two are missing then contact your NetSuite provider to see what you need to do to get ASC.

Give us your challenge

With NetSuite Advanced Site Customization any look and feel you can come up with can be added to your NetSuite internal web site. With advanced JavaScript programming capabilities additional functionality can be added. Think of what would be ideal to sell to your customers and give MVL Design a call.

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